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What is Artenade?

Artenade is the nickname of a 9-kilometer prefectural road that links the Japan Chanson Museum and the Memorial Museum of Tokutomi Roka. In 1999, because Shibukawa City had so many museums and amusement facilities, Artenade was chosen as the name for the street with all tourist facilities.  Artenade or ‘a promenade of arts’, means ‘arte’ in Italian and ‘–nade’ comes from ‘promenade’ in English.

Around Shibukawa’s Artenade, there are outside carvings, and you can see something beautiful.

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Artie - the official mascot

Designed to look like the letter ‘A’ , as in Artenade, Artie is the official mascot of Artenade with two leaves on his head. The leaves represent Shibukawa and Ikaho.

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