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Thank you for visiting the website of Shibukawa Tourism Association, a great place to descover Shibukawa, a city of Peace and Harmony!

Shibukawa is a city located almost in the middle of Japan and of Gunma Prefecture. This is where the magnificent Kanto Plain begins, surrounded by a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains, Akagi and Haruna. In the middle of Shibukawa city, the pure streams of the Tone River and Agatsuma River join together. Shibukawa is the city of natural green settings and pure clear water.

Shibukawa is about 100 kilometers away from Tokyo, and can be reached in 80 minutes by train or car.

On February 20, 2006, there was the merger of the six municipalities of Shibukawa, Ikaho, Onogami, Komochi, Akagi and Hokkitsu. Together as the new Shibukawa, we will continue to realize our ideal - a city of Peace and Harmony.

Throughout Shibukawa City, there are fascinating hot springs that vary in nature, including Ikaho Onsen, one of the best hot springs in Japan, and Onogami Onsen, known as the spa of beauty. 

Shibukawa welcomes you with great tourist facilities such as farms for touring, seasonal views of flowers and nature, and a variety of museums.

Shibukawa offers even more. There is the annual Heso Matsuri festival where you can watch or even join the interesting belly dance! Also, the Ikaho Hawaiian Festival held in the Ikaho Onsen area is fun, too.

There are many more events to join and beautiful views to enjoy.  This website is a perfect guide to wonderful Shibukawa. Take your time, and be ready to visit the bellybutton of Japan!


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