(born 1971 in Ota City, Gunma)

1975-  From the age of 4, she studied ballet and creative dance at
           Harumi Ishii Ballet Studio(Baku Ishii)
1981-  From the age of 10, she studied under Reiko Yamamoto at
           the Reiko Yamamoto Ballet Institute.

1985   18th Saitama National Dance Competition 3rd place
           (Prefectural Foundation of Culture Organizations Chairman's Award)
1988    Prix de Lausanne Semi-finalist
1990   47th Tokyo Shinbun National Dance Competition
          1st Prize (the Minister of Education's Encouragement Award)

1993- She joined Netherlands Dance Theater 2 (NDT II) in the Netherlands.
1997- Lyon Opera Ballet in France.
1999- Gothenburg Opera Ballet in Sweden.
2002- Netherlands Dance Theater 1 (NDT I) in the Netherlands.
2005- Cullberg Ballet in Sweden.
2006- work as a freelance artist.
          based in Europe between The Hague, Netherlands and Prague,
          Czech Republic.
          She worked with Kylián Production “Last Touch First”Choreography
          by Jiri Kylián.
Toured in Europe.
She performed in many productions at the Dutch theater “KORZO”
also performed member of “420people” led by Vaclav Kunes.
She joined as a guest dancer in “Noism 07” led by Jo Kanamori.
toured in North and South America performed “NINA- Materializing Sacrifice” choreography by Jo Kanamori.

2000-  She won the Best Dancer Award for her role as Juliet                               “Romeo&Juliet”choreographed by Martino Muller.

In April,
She moved to Japan and formed “Opto Dance Project”
She holds performances and workshops sponsored by Opto Dance Project
In September,
she performed “Opto×G FACE CAFE” by Choreography by Alessio Silvestrin's
new work “Transcriptions”
In November
performed in “100 Years Summit” with Alessio Silvestrin in Nakanojo.

In February,
performed "Soldier's Story" choreography by Megumi Nakamura.
In July,
She held a performance “Optofile2” sponsored by Opto dance Project.
In September
She join ARCHITANZ production South Korea tour.
Performed "Toki" choreography by Kenta Kojiri.
In December
Performed Megumi Nakamura's new research project "Inner Garden" in Kyoto.

In January
Parformed in Kanagawa Kenmin Hall's 40th anniversary opera,”Mizuen Densetsu”
choreography by Megumi Nakamura.
Performed in Aoyama Ballet Festival Last Show. 
“Not Yet” Choreography by Kenta Kojiri.
In March
Performed Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Dance Working Program
Kickoff Performance 'Mance' New work by Megumi Nakamura.
In June
Performed “Ballet Concert” Reiko Yamamoto Ballet with Ota Academy Orchestra
 "Double" New work by Vaclav Kunes.
In September
She held a Performance “Optofile3” sponsored by Opto dance Project.

In July
Performed “Ballet Concert" Reiko Yamamoto Ballet with Ota Academy Orchestra.
 "La Mantavana" New work By Vaclav Kunes.
In October 
Choreographed and directed “The time of Evocation” for K-Ballet Gents.
In November
Invitation from ARCHITANZ2016 double bill performed by “Opto dance project”
“REEN”Choreography  by Vaclav Kunes.

In March
Created and performed “Fruits de la Passion” with Tetsuya Kumakawa
at K-Ballet Tokyo.
In July
Performed “Ballet Concert" Reiko Yamamoto Ballet with Ota Academy Orchestra.
 by Vaclav Kunes' new work "Echo".

In February
Created “FLOW ROUTE” was announced at the K-Ballet Tokyo performance New Pieces.
In August
Performed “Ballet Concert” Reiko Yamamoto Ballet with Ota Academy Orchestra.
Created and Performed “Depature”
In October
Performed “Romeo & Juliet” at K-Ballet Tokyo.
She plays the role of a nanny as a principal character.
In December
Opto Dance project ‟Opto_Touch“ By hosting and co-hosting performance at
Saitama/Sainokuni Arts Theater,Nagoya/Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater. 

In January
K-Ballet Tokyo performance “Beethoven No. 9”
She joined as Staging Assistant (choreography assistant).
In September
Became K-Ballet Tokyo Ballet Director.

In September
Became K-Ballet Opto ballet director as well.
Created the new work “Petite Barocco” was announced at K-Ballet Opto performance
 “Ptite Petite Petite”

In January
Created the new work ‟Vinyl Kasa Komachi”was announced at the K-Ballet Opto performance‟Plastic” 
In March
She started working as a freelance artist.
In August
Gunma Symphony Orchestra summer vacation concert choreographed (Yamamoto Ballet)

In addition to focusing the next generation by teaching Reiko Yamamoto Ballet Studio and Tokiwa High School Ballet Major Contemporary Class, she also conducts workshops at Nihon woman College of Physical Education and other locations to improve her artistic culture.
K-Ballet School Contemporary Instructor.
She presented contemporary works at the school performance every year.

1975年 4歳より石井漠門下である石井はるみバレエスタジオでバレエ、
1981年 10歳より山本禮子バレエ研究所にて 山本禮子に師事。

1985年 第18回 埼玉全国舞踊コンクール第3位県文化団体連合会会長賞
1988年 ローザンヌ国際コンクールセミファイナリスト
            第45回 東京新聞全国舞踊コンクール第3位 
1990年 第47回 東京新聞全国舞踊コンクール
            第1位 文部大臣奨励賞受賞。

1993-    オランダのネザーランド・ダンス・シアター2(NDT II)に入団。
1997-    フランスのリヨン・オペラ・バレエへ移籍。
1999-    スウェーデンのヨーテボリ・オペラ・バレエに移籍。
2002-    オランダのネザーランド・ダンス・シアター1(NDT I)へ移籍。
2005-    スウェーデンのクルベルグ・バレエに移籍。
2006-    ヨーロッパをオランダのデンハーグとチェコのプラハを拠点に
『イリ・キリアンプロダクション』によるキリアン作品『Last Touch』に出演し  ヨーロッパツアーを行う。
オランダの『korzo Theater(コルソシアター)』にて数多くの作品に出演。
金森穣率いる『Noism Company Niigata』”Noism07”にて
2000-   マルティーノ・ムラー振付『ロミオ とジュリエット』のジュリエット役で
振付家イリ・キリアン、ウィリアム・フォーサイス、マッツ・ エック、

2012  4月 日本に拠点を移し『Opto Dance Project』結成。
            9月『Opto×G FACE CAFE』  
    11月 中之条『100年後サミット』アレッシオ・シルベストリンと出演。
2013  2月 中村恩恵振付『兵士の物語』に出演。
    9月 ARCHITANZ 韓国ツアー 小尻健太作品 『トキ』出演。
            12月 中村恩恵リサーチプロジェクト新作 『Inner Garden』出演。

2015  1月 神奈川県民ホール開館40周年記念オペラ 
             中村恩恵振付作品 『水炎伝説』出演。
            1月 『青山バレエフェスティバル Last Show』
             小尻健太作品『Not Yet』出演。
    6月『Ballet Concert』山本禮子バレエwithおおたアカデミーオーケストラ
             ヴァツラフ・クネシュ新作 『Double』出演。
2016     7月『Ballet Concert』山本禮子バレエwithおおたアカデミーオーケストラ
     ヴァツラフ・クネシュ新作『La Mantavana』出演。
    10月 K-Ballet Gentsに『The time of Evocation』を振付演出。
    11月『Opto』ARCHITANZ2016 ダブルビルにて、
2017  3月K-Ballet Tokyo にて熊川哲也との共作共演
     『Fruits de la passion』』を上演。
     7月『Ballet Concert』山本禮子バレエwithおおたアカデミーオーケストラ
2018  2月 K-Ballet Tokyo公演New Piecesにて『FLOW ROUTE』新作発表。
        8月 『Ballet Concert』山本禮子バレエwithおおたアカデミーオーケストラ
    10月 K-Ballet Tokyo公演『ロミオ&ジュリエット』にて
    12月 Opto 『Opto_Touch』埼玉・彩の国芸術劇場、
2019  1月 K-Ballet Tokyo公演『ベートーヴェン第九』にて
     Staging Assistant (振付補佐)を務める。
      9月 K-Ballet Tokyo舞踊監督を務める。
2022  K-BalletとBunkamuraの共同プロジェクトK-Ballet Opto舞踊監督を務める。
     9月K-Ballet Opto公演『Ptite Petite Petite』にて
     『Petite Barocco』新作発表。
2023   1月 K-Ballet Opto公演  『Plastic』にて『ビニール傘小町』新作発表。
2023   3月フリーランスアーティストとして活動。
      8月 群馬交響楽団夏休みコンサート振付(山本バレエ)

2012-  山本禮子バレエ・常磐高等学校バレエ専攻科コンテンポラリークラス
2013-2023  Kバレエスクール小石川校コンテンポラリー指導。


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